Brisket* (GF)



Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Spicy, BBQ, or Honey-Chile

Burnt Ends* (GF)



Half Chicken (GF)


Pulled Pork* (GF)



Brontosaurus Rib (GF)


Pulled Chicken* (GF)



Brisket or Burnt Ends (+$3) Pulled Pork
or Pulled Chicken (+$2) Avocado (+$1.50)

Rice Bowls

Sausage* (GF)


* Sandwich or Naked

6 Wings

10 Wings

Wings Spicy or BBQ (GF)



Mighty Bowl

Fresh spinach, roasted sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, crushed red pepper, vinaigrette. Recommended protein: pulled chicken



Serving (4)


Rack (6)


Rack (12)

Spare Ribs (GF)





Fresh spinach, corn, pickled red onion, scallions,

smoked salsa. Recommended protein: pulled pork


2 Meats $16.95 -or- 3 Meats $20.95


Baked beans, kale salad, corn, pickled fresno chiles. Recommended protein: burnt ends


Comes with choice of meats, pomme frites & any small side

Build Your Own Choose any 3 sides


Pickled Veggies: Cucumber | Red Onion | Chiles

(GF) = Gluten Free without roll

Naturally Raised

SINGLE $3.25 |  PINT $5.95  |  QUART $11.85

Burnt End Baked Beans (GF)

Broccoli Salad (GF)

(contains bacon and almonds)

Sweet Corn Fritters (V)

served with a honey-chile dipping sauce

Kale Salad (V, GF)

kale, shaved brussel sprouts, pumpkin seeds

Mac & Cheese (V)

Brussel Sprouts (V)

with soy sauce vinaigrette

Sweet Potato Casserole (V)

with maple & pecans

Slaw (V, GF)

Jasmine Rice (V, GF)

Pomme Frites (V, GF)


Dirty Frites (GF)


Apple Bread Pudding (V)

smothered w/ burnt ends, chile-lime sauce, red onions and scallions (spicy)

(V)=Vegetarian (GF)=Gluten Free

Cane Sugar Sodas


Fresh Ginger Ale, Black Cherry,

Creme Soda, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer

Fountain Sodas


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange,

Root Beer, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper

Housemade Iced Tea


Sweetened or Unsweetened

Vanilla ice cream topped with
whipped cream, cookie dough & chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla Cookie

Cookies & cream ice cream
topped with whipped cream and
Oreo cookies

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream & Nutter Butter cookies

Nutter Butter

S’mores ice cream topped with whipped cream and a toasted s’mores sandwich



Classic Vanilla or Chocolate Shake




Ice Cream Floats


Pick any fountain soda and any ice cream flavor

Bottled Water



Mighty Quinn’s Pilsner  Pilsner

River Horse  ■  NJ

Hazy Little Thing  IPA

Sierra Nevada  ■  CA

GLASS $5.50


Allagash White  Ale

Allagash  ■  ME

Heineken  Lager


Fat Tire  Ale

New Belgium  ■  CO

Golden Monkey  Ale

Victory  ■  PA

Yuengling  Lager

Yuengling  ■  PA

Blue Moon  Ale

Blue Moon  ■  CO

New School  Ale

Beards  ■  MI

Red Fish  IPA

Flying Fish  ■  NJ

Doc’s Draft Cider  Hard Apple Cider (GF)

Warwick  Valley  ■  NY

Pinot Noir, Smoking Loon  CA

Cabernet, Handcraft  CA

Rosé, LBD  CA

Malbec, Trivento  Argentina

Chardonnay, Ravenswood  CA


Pabst Blue Ribbon  Lager

Pabst  ■  CA

Red Stripe  Lager


Flower Power  IPA

Ithaca  ■  NY

Hopfish  IPA

Flying Fish  ■  NJ

Modelo Especial  Pilsner